PUREHEART is a social investment initiative to build more talent professionals for the better world, upgrading them from the poor and sustainable living.

PUREHEART is the company with the ability to provide true end-to-end traceability, collecting, connecting and leveraging granular data at every step of the donation, from the donors to the scholars and beyond.

With the help of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain and could computing, PUREHEART offers unparalleled donation tracing visibility, giving any corporate socual responsibility—in any industry—the tools to make actionable, real-time decisions based on data you can trust.

Through systematic product identification, tracking, data acquisition and connectivity, PUREHEART's innovative traceability solutions allows you to verify and track the history, location and even the state or status of individual products, regardless of where they are in the social investment network.

As the key to product life-cycle analysis, end-to-end traceability improves data collection to provide more accurate parameters for day-to-day operations and advanced planning solutions … making everyone’s business run better.



PureHeart is FREE platform all over the world.


PureHeart is focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goal: No Poverty and Quality Education


PureHeart provides transparancy and traceability transactions for each initiative.

Economic Development

This is the issue that proves the most problematic as most people disagree on political ideology what is and is not economically sound, and how it will affect businesses and by extension, jobs and employability. It is also about providing incentives for businesses and other organisations to adhere to sustainability guidelines beyond their normal legislative requirements. Also, to encourage and foster incentives for the average person to do their bit where and when they can; one person can rarely achieve much, but taken as a group, effects in some areas are cumulative. The supply and demand market is consumerist in nature and modern life requires a lot of resources every single day; for the sake of the environment, getting what we consume under control is the paramount issue. Economic development is about giving people what they want without compromising quality of life, especially in the developing world, and reducing the financial burden and “red tape” of doing the right thing.

Social Development

There are many facets to this pillar. Most importantly is awareness of and legislation protection of the health of people from pollution and other harmful activities of business and other organisations. In North America, Europe and the rest of the developed world, there are strong checks and programmes of legislation in place to ensure that people's health and wellness is strongly protected. It is also about maintaining access to basic resources without compromising the quality of life. The biggest hot topic for many people right now is sustainable housing and how we can better build the homes we live in from sustainable material. The final element is education - encouraging people to participate in environmental sustainability and teaching them about the effects of environmental protection as well as warning of the dangers if we cannot achieve our goals.

Environmental Protection

We all know what we need to do to protect the environment, whether that is recycling, reducing our power consumption by switching electronic devices off rather than using standby, by walking short journeys instead of taking the bus. Businesses are regulated to prevent pollution and to keep their own carbon emissions low. There are incentives to installing renewable power sources in our homes and businesses. Environmental protection is the third pillar and to many, the primary concern of the future of humanity. It defines how we should study and protect ecosystems, air quality, integrity and sustainability of our resources and focusing on the elements that place stress on the environment. It also concerns how technology will drive our greener future; the EPA recognized that developing technology and biotechnology is key to this sustainability, and protecting the environment of the future from potential damage that technological advances could potentially bring.

E-wallet Entah Apa yang Merasukimu??

Siapa yang tidak kenal e-Wallet ? Sistem pembayaran yang memudahkan berbagai transaksi. Banyak keunggulan yang ditawarkan, contohnya promo yang menggiurkan. Dengan membayar menggunakan e-Wallet, akan ada potongan harga dibanding membayar secara cash. Selain itu, keunggulan yang ditawarkan adalah kepraktisannya. Hanya dengan 1 kali klik, pembayaran dan transaksi selesai. Kepraktisan dan harga terjangkau dalam berbelanja memang penting dan selalu diburu, namun mengamankan data pribadi agar tidak disalahgunakan justru jauh lebih penting. Kemunculan berbagai macam e-Wallet menandai bahwa hal ini menjadi fenomena yang mewabah di kalangan millenial

Akan tetapi, disisi lain kemudahan yg diberikan juga menjadikan e-Wallet berbahaya khususnya pada data yang kita berikan saat mendaftar. Data yang kita berikan pada saat mendaftar belum tentu terjamin keamanannya. Sebagai contoh, banyak modus penipuan dan pencurian dengan mengambil dana dari e-Wallet. Kalau sudah begini, bukan kemudahan tapi justru kesengsaraan yang diperoleh. Alih-alih menyimpan uang di e-Wallet agar memudahkan saat bertransaksi, malah uang kita yang diambil oleh oknum yang tidak dikenal. e-Wallet, entah apa yang merasukimu


PUREHEART is a enterprise platform provider of traceability systems, and its mission is to use its innovative technologies to create a better world through social investment initiatives. The company’s renowned solutions ensure the quality of living by giving and act of kindness and help provide transparency of donation throughout the world. PUREHEART is also adapting its technologies to create efficiencies in various other sectors ─ from education sectors to health care sectors and more, all can benefit from global traceability. PUREHEART’s expertise will allow diverse industries to measure, inspect, control and track a variety of elements to improve quality and make better use of resources.

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