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Honesty In The ocean

How many months has Mr Aris been waiting for the famine season, but the weather still seems to be friendly to go to sea. 2 months of famine have already hit this coastal village. The faces of the fishermen are getting more and more chaotic because the savings for living expenses are already running low. Some try to find other jobs by becoming construction workers, oil palm workers, and some even force to go to sea with these very dangerous weather conditions. That’s how hard the life of fishermen who are so dependent on the season and weather. Pak Aris is just hanging out at home. Like confused about what to do. Occasionally he becomes a motorcycle taxi driver to take people to the city if there is a need. 

It’s almost 3 months the famine season has come it’s time this season is over. That day the gusts of wind and waves felt calmer and not noisy normally. This is a sign of the season of fish returning. The fishermen are busy preparing equipment to start fishing and fishing. Mr. Aris is one of the most eager to go to sea tomorrow. He prepared trawlers and other tools to take many fishes tomorrow. When Mr. Aris went to sea, he met some of his friends. He greeted each other with a happy smile to welcome the long-awaited season. 

Today Mr. Aris just put his trawl in a few places that he used to put to be taken again the next day. When Mr. Aris checked the trawl the next day, how shocked he was to see the trawl disappear. He knew that was his main place that usually liked to be passed by the fish. Mr. Aris listlessly went on his boat to pick up and put down another trawl for him to take the next day. Aris pack quite a lot of fish collected. Only he was sad why there are people who could steal the trawl. This is indeed not the first time it has happened. The condition in the ocean is indeed no protection. Anyone can steal or damage it if he wants. What distinguishes it depends only on each person. Want to be honest and not harm others or vice versa. 

Pak Aris also deposited the fish in his collectors, and there were two of his friends there. “Get lots of fish today?” Asked his friend. “A little, I took the trawl” said Mr. Aris. “My trawl is also often taken, I also do not know who took it, this is the season for fish. There are lots of fish but there are still people who don’t want to try harder to get fish, “answered his friend. That is often a problem in the fishing world. There is no protection for the rights of others at sea because the ocean has no boundaries and no one owns it. However, this problem often becomes an unsolved problem because there is no precaution for the crime of fish theft at sea. The fisherman application from Ledgernow will help fishermen get justice and prevent crime because every trawler will be combined into one place where the site is bound by a net to prevent fishing theft. To find out more about ledgernow, please visit the following link