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There Is No Protection For The Work Safety Fishermen

Rohmah who are still sitting transfixed at the front door of his house, still staring at the ocean waiting for his husband with his favorite blue sea boat while waving at him saying “bro, I brought lots of fish”. But apparently it was only his imagination. For more than 2 weeks, her husband has not returned home. Rohmah does not know what happened to her husband, usually her husband always comes home 3x a day from fishing. but it’s not been back in 2 weeks. Rohmah has asked her husband’s fellow fishermen, no one has seen her husband or his ship. Even her husband’s boss could not help looking for her husband’s news “You just imagine the ocean is so wide, how can we know your husband where with our limitations we have,” said Pak Darsa, her husband’s boss. So many allegations approached the mind of the spirit, or whether her husband was stranded and could not go home, or maybe her husband had been lost in the middle of the sea and eaten by sharks, all these allegations continue to think of him, but still no one was able to confirm the actual situation. 

Rohmah only married her husband about 3 years ago, she was very young when she married her husband. He was only 16 years old at the time. Rohmah is not yet blessed with a child, but she feels very happy with her husband. Even though her life is mediocre, her husband always gives attention and affection to her. Every husband goes to sea rohmah always feels anxious because the sea is so scary to be a job, according to her life and death are always placed when her husband goes to sea. Every time Rohmah expresses her concern and tells her husband to look for another job, her husband always assures her that nothing will happen. But this time what was feared by Rohmah happened. He did not know where to complain about this incident and asked for protection for what happened to him. 

Rohmah husband is a fisherman who was also born into a fishing family. His family used to live moving from one beach to another. So their status is not clear as a citizen. Likewise Rohma’s husband, her husband does not have an identity card as a citizen or a worker card as a fisherman. Because the fishermen in this village do not have a clear status. Unlike the fishermen on the island of Java, some of which have started to have fishing cards so that if something happens to them, there will be insurance that will protect their families. Rohma also called her parents in the village. Tells the condition of his brother who did not go home. His mother and father were so worried and sad especially about the condition of Rohma who is currently living alone. 

Rohma ventured to go to the city to the fisheries and marine services to complain about the condition of her husband who had been missing for nearly 3 weeks. He demanded the justice of her husband as a human being and a worker in the fisheries sector so that there was an effort to search. Rohma felt sincere if her husband was gone. But he still wants a clarity, he still hopes that her husband is still alive and may currently be stranded on an island or run out of gas in the middle of the sea. For Rohma all the possibilities are still there and she wants help for her husband from the regional fisheries and marine services. But apparently the results were zero, again Rohma was asked about the identity of her husband and her husband was not registered as a resident of this village and also fishermen from this village. Rohma wept bitterly over the condition where no one cared about her husband. As a small fishing family, Rohma felt that there was no justice for her and her husband. 

That is the condition of fishermen in Indonesia, the majority of which do not yet have an identity card as their protection in undergoing work as a fisherman. Not because of negligent fishermen but also because of the application of regulations in each different region, and complicated bureaucracy. So that fishermen are not educated on the importance of identity cards and work safety. For this reason the application of fishermen from Ledgernow will help the fishing community to obtain an identity and protection for the safety of its work in the ocean. And also will provide assistance in the form of large boats that can be used in unison to increase the productivity of fishermen. To find out more about Ledgernow please visit the following link

er husband has not returned home. Rohmah does not know what happened to her husband. As a fisherman’s wife, of course, worry will continue to come when the husband goes to sea. Many things are worried about, moreover there is no guarantee that guarantees when fishermen are at sea. But this can be overcome by the application of fishermen from Ledgernow that will help the fishing community to obtain an identity and protect their safety at sea. Let’s find out more information at